1962 Fiat 600D for sale: Low mileage piccola classic

They were once parked on every street in Europe but now the Fiat 600 is becoming quite a collector item. This desirable 'D' model has under 10,000 miles!

The recent Fiat 600 electric car conversion meant we had the little Italian model on the brain. A sweep of eBay can often bring up examples ranging from well looked after to rusty heaps. But this particular Fiat 600 might be one of the best out there – especially with such a dramatically low mileage count.

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This 1962 left-hand-drive 600D looks like it rolled off the production line in Turin yesterday, not some 56 years ago. It appears perfectly preserved and claims to have covered only 6400 miles from new. It has spent most of its life garaged in Florence, Italy and is totally original. It was imported into the UK in September 2016 where it has resided since.

From the pictures its brilliant white paint looks near perfect and the interior appears as if no-one has ever sat in it. Even the engine bay appears clean enough to eat off. This little car might just be a prime candidate for a concours entry — its originality will certainly put it in good stead.

600 ‘D’ models such as this car were the last variants to feature suicide doors. It also introduced a more powerful 32bhp 767cc engine.

Produced between 1955 and 1969, Fiat built 2,695,197 of the rear engined car in four and two-door body styles. It’s said that at the height of production Fiat were building 1,000 of these cars a day. It went on to be badged as the Seat 600 in Spain and a Zastava in Yugoslavia. Once a car that littered the streets of Europe, the Fiat 600 is now an appreciating classic.

This is a great opportunity to get your hands on what might be one of the cleanest Fiat 600 examples in the UK.

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