Classics for sale: 1957 Studebaker Silver Hawk barn find

A prime slice of Americana has been rescued from a barn in England, and it could be yours!

Produced for two short years between 1957 and 1959, the Studebaker Silver Hawk can arguably be proclaimed as the final hurrah for Indiana’s most prominent automotive brand. Entering business in 1902 with innovative electric vehicles before designing petrol engines as of 1904, the company survived until November 1967.

However, the final 13 years of production were far from easy. After years of financial problems, Studebaker merged with Packard in 1954 to ensure survival. The crippling monetary strain instead killed both brands off, but not before the burden of brand engineering and failing quality found sales in freefall.

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The Silver Hawk may have been manufactured during this time, yet the charismatic Studebaker charm was far from diluted, as customers found with succeeding models. Available in four body styles – pillared Flight Hawk and Power Hawk, hardtop Sky Hawk and Golden Hawk – the model died an indignant death due to a steel strike. The material shortage hit Studebaker far harder than the larger marques.

With such a chaotic heritage, finding a survivor – let alone an all-original one – is always worthy of merit, which makes this 1957 barn find example something rather extraordinary.

Not only does this one boast an early production number, but it’s been hidden away from the world for more than 40 years. Residing in a shed located near Worcester, England, the tarnished-looking Studebaker isn’t too far gone. Indeed, given some TLC, this could just be the perfect American classic project.

You wouldn’t even have to source the missing parts, as they are all lined up in the shed, too. The only casualty appears to be a completely absent radiator, although the vendor believes it’s within the shed, somewhere…

Naturally, you’ll need a trailer to take this prime slice of Americana away with you, and don't think that a mere clean will bring the old girl back to life. The engine will require a complete rebuild and new tyres, brakes and fuel lines will be required. Up for the challenge? Get a closer look here.

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