100 classics on sale with no reserve at Bicester Heritage today!

Cars of all marques, several classic campers, 140 pedal cars and a collection of model cars – are to be offered by Brightwells. There's still time to come along...

Jaguar Land Rover is to sell off many of the surplus, non-JLR vehicles from its ex-James Hull Collection, at a dedicated 'Affordable Classics' sale by Brightwells at Bicester Heritage today – the preview started at 9am, the pedal car auction is from 11am, and the auction of the cars starts at 1pm.

All of the 100 vehicles will be offered at no reserve, and the collection includes many special editions and one-offs. If you fancy the idea of an Austin Allegro Vanden Plas, a Rover P6 shooting brake, a Maestro Turbo or a solid Morris Minor, then this is the sale for you – but there are also Citröens, a Chevette 2300 HS, a Borgward Isabella Coupé and even the four-wheel-drive Ferguson Scimitar prototype.

Interestingly, amid all these mostly typical post-war cars is a striking 1938 Peugeot 402, which you can read more about here. In contrast, we also found that one of the Allegros is the very car from the League of Gentlemen. Read about that here.

Jaguar Land Rover purchased much of the vehicle assortment back in 2014, from serial classic collector Dr James Hull. Representing every decade since the 1930s, this accumulation of 543 cars was estimated to be worth £100 million, although JLR refused to disclose how much it paid at the time.

Jaguar Land Rover has cared for the cars ever since, and now the excess stock is to be handed down to individual enthusiasts. A collection of memorabilia, over 140 pedal cars, a Riva speedboat and several large-scale aircraft will also go under the hammer.

Besides the cars to be offered for auction, Jaguar Land Rover is also planning to loan 40 classics to registered UK charity Starter Motor. These will help encourage a new generation of young enthusiasts learn the skills required for the maintenance, restoration and driving of historic vehicles. Land Rover is continuing this trend by offering apprentices at its plant in Solihull three classic examples of the marque on which to develop their own skills.

Jaguar Land Rover Classic director Tim Hannig said of the Brightwells auction: ‘We are expanding the range of services we offer to our clients, and the space created by the sale of reserve fleet vehicles will allow us to focus on exciting initiatives. These include Reborn versions of the Range Rover and Jaguar E-type, Works Legends cars for sale, and the Classic Collection, which are iconic vehicles cared for by a team of specialists at the new Classic Works facility in the UK.’

He continued: ‘This programme of activity also allows Jaguar Land Rover to inspire and train a new generation of classic car enthusiasts, and I am particularly pleased to be supporting the Starter Motor charity through the loan of 40 historic vehicles, including heritage models from Jaguar and Land Rover.’

For an idea of how many cars are already at the Jaguar Land Rover Classic Works HQ, click here.

Matthew Parkin, of Brightwells, added, 'These were all bought by someone [James Hull] with great imagination and interest in classic cars, so they're almost all either low mileage, rare or unusual in some way.'

For the full list of vehicles available visit the Brightwells website.

How did Dr James Hull amass so many cars?

He's always described as a car-collecting dentist, but that does little justice to his 50-practice cosmetic dentistry business or the remarkable collection of cars and automobilia that he built up, before selling to Jaguar Land Rover, when struck by cancer three times in short succession.

Read his story on AutoClassics here.

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