Parts, parts, parts. Just about every single part is available for an MGB – some go in and out of availability, hence the woolly ‘just about’ at the start of this sentence. All body panels are available, as are complete bodyshells, from British Motor Heritage.

The mechanical parts are also simple, with the robust BMC engine at the heart of it. Interiors are basic, and easy to replace or recondition. The bodywork is not as straightforward though, because its construction was over-complicated by the lack of budget for large pressing tools when the MGB was made.

The strength of the MGB is also its weakness. This was BMC’s first unitary construction open-top sports car (the preceding MGA had a separate chassis), and the company went overboard to ensure its rigidity, using a three-piece sill design. It’s one of the reasons why the MG is such a great sports car – but it’s much trickier to repair than a standard two-piece design.