If you want a grown-up Meccano set, here it is. Robust, easily fixable, fun – and its already excellent parts availability is getting even better, thanks to increasing values and the influence of Land Rover’s own ‘Reborn’ programme of restored Series Is (shown above).

Everything’s built on a hefty but rust-prone chassis, and a full restoration will almost certainly entail replacing the chassis. The mix of Birmabright alloy (for all but the last of the Series IIIs) and mild steel used in the construction of the bodywork makes for nasty cases of electrolytic corrosion – but the great thing is, the panels never looked especially straight from new, and look even better with a spot of [cough] patina.

The toughest part is repairing or replacing the bulkhead, which means stripping just about everything else off the chassis. And you need a lot of space to do that! The payoff is that you get a true go-anywhere icon at the end of it all.