The Spridget has it all. Parts availability? Oh yes, including new bodyshells from British Motor Heritage. Strong, simple construction? And some! Basic but robust mechanicals? Of course.

It’s a clever design, a chassis-less shell that’s all folded steel and basic panels, powered by the venerable A-series engine and four-speed gearbox. Suspension is taken from the Austin A35, and the interior makes the rest of the bunch here look complicated – though it’s no less stylish.

The first of the line, the Sprite MkI, has a heavy one-piece bonnet and front wings assembly that makes restoration more difficult, and Sprites MkI-II and Midget MkI all have quarter-elliptic rear leaf springs that are fine in themselves – but their mounting points are tricky to repair (and very rust-prone).

Late-model Midgets have polyurethane bumpers and more complicated, less stylish interiors – so go for the middle ground to make life as simple and stylish as possible. You won’t regret it!