This UK-based company is interesting in that it will not only sell full conversion kits for a variety of classic cars, but it also sells the component parts for DIY conversions, such as the motors (from 45hp to 650hp), the controllers, the batteries and the battery boxes.

Proprietor Richard has also developed several bolt-in conversion kits for classics including – of course – the VW Beetle and camper. The kits include everything needed, from the electric motors and batteries to the grommets and crimps, as well as the adapter plate, motor mount, coupler and battery boxes.

The VWs both receive a 71hp, 120lb ft motor and 21kWh battery pack, capable of a 100-mile range. There’s also a 47hp, 11kWh Fiat 500 conversion, giving 70lb ft and 50-75 mile range. In contrast, Richard’s Porsche 911 twin-motor conversion gives 130hp, 213lb ft and a 200-mile range. But the most surprising conversion is on a Range Rover Classic, using the same twin-motor conversion as the Porsche, and cleverly adding hill descent control via the electric motors.

Conversions by Electric Classic Cars, using customer-supplied vehicles, can start at £12,000 for small cars with sub-100 mile ranges, whereas a Range Rover-type conversion will be closer to £50,000.