Like Zelectric, Electric GT are based in San Diego, but their approach is slightly different, taking a more custom approach to the conversions rather than specialising in particular models.

And so the company’s conversions to date include Fiat 124, Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40, Jeep FC 150 and, err, a Ferrari 308 GTB. The Ferrari came about when the company was searching for a suitable donor to build into a publicity vehicle for the EV conversions. When a burnt-out 308 appeared in a San Diego scrapyard, a plan was hatched!

The Ferrari’s engine and transmission was beyond repair, so it was swapped for a Porsche G50 transmission and three AC induction motors, along with a lithium battery pack. The result is the ‘328 GTE’, which weighs 3350lb, 150lb more than the original car, but develops 330hp and 330lb ft. It achieves 0-60mph in 4.8 seconds instead of 7.7 seconds and is said to be capable of 180mph rather than the original’s 156mph.

As a publicity tool, the Ferrari certainly worked, because it was put up against a standard car by the Stig on Top Gear USA – and the EV was ten seconds a lap quicker.

The success with the Ferrari has led to other projects. These include the Fiat 124, which uses twin AC motors to generate twice the torque (200lb ft) of a standard car, near-halving the 0-60mph time to 6.5 seconds.