Matthew Quitter of London Electric Cars has gone an altogether more British route to electrification than the rest of the companies here. He’s started with Morris Minor EV conversions, and moved onto Series Land Rovers.

The Morris Minor uses lithium batteries mounted in the engine bay and in the boot, with the single 30hp AC electric motor driving through the original four-speed clutch and gearbox. Everything has been designed to keep the conversion as easy and affordable as possible, right down to using secondhand battery cells.

The conversions bolts into place in just a weekend’s work for a competent DIYer, or Matthew will carry out the conversion at his London workshop. It transforms the Minor, endowing it with a mighty 100lb ft of torque and replacing the raucousness of the original A-series (or earlier sidevalve) with the smooth, eerily quiet electric motor.

It costs £10,000, which is one of the cheapest around. The downside is that range is only around 40 miles – but the Minor is aimed at the city market, and it’s perfect for that. We can’t wait to see the Land Rover!