Welcome to the world's most interesting Morris Minor.

We’ve found the world’s most exciting Morris Minor and it’s not exactly what you think it is. Upon first glance, it appears to be a Morris Minor with a lifted suspension and comically large tires, but speak to the owner and you’ll find a new appreciation for this incredible build. From hand-laid carbon fiber to the resourceful use of multiple parts cars, this build has it all.

Shane Armitage loves classic cars and off-roading which led him to build the ultimate Morris Minor. With an affection for classic American wood panel wagons, Armitage wanted to pay tribute to the beach-going classics while adding off-road capabilities to a humble Morris Minor. This strange combination turned out to be the perfect vehicle for its passionate owner.

To start this build, Armitage purchased a two-door Morris Minor chassis and got to work building his dream off-roader. For the strong off-road base, Armitage purchase a Suzuki Vitara SUV and grafted the Morris Minor body onto its frame. This beefy SUV base allowed for the addition of larger wheels and tires and made the build a natural off-roader.

To create the classic wood panel look, Armitage goes to work framing the rear of the Morris Minor with wood supported by a metal tube frame to reduce unwanted flexing. For added strength and reduced weight, Armitage used hand-laid carbon fiber to complete the back half of the truck.

The final product is simply stunning and has a presence unmatched by any other vehicle we’ve seen. In addition to looking good, the Morris Minor has some serious off-road capabilities and easily handles tricky beach driving with ease making it the perfect companion for its beach-loving owner.