Porsche Classic Factory Restoration spent three years on the project.

We wish more automakers showed the same passion for its history as Porsche does. That's not to say other brands are heartless, as we've seen factory-backed restoration projects from many automakers over the years. Of course, Porsche has a dedicated group for such things – Porsche Classic Factory Restoration – and with that comes advantages you won't find at independent shops.

Those advantages were brought to bear in bringing this special 1967 911 S Targa back to life. According to Porsche it was the first 911 S Targa delivered in Germany, arriving at a Porsche dealership in Dortmund on January 24, 1967. There were previous Targa models, but none with the 2.0-liter S engine. In fact, Porsche says only 925 versions of this particular spec were built, combining the S engine and short wheelbase with a soft rear window instead of glass. That's a hallmark of the earlier Targas, as glass became the norm starting in 1967.

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This 911 S was a demostration car for the dealership until it was sold to a buyer in the US in 1969. For reasons unknown, it was parked in doorless garage in New York State in 1977, protected only by a plastic tarp. It stayed there for nearly 40 years, slowly deteriorating until it was discovered in late 2016 and sent back to Germany for restoration. That's where the advantages of a factory-backed effort come into play.

The owner of this Targa was keen to have it restored to exact factory specifications, right down to the material for the skin on the roof and the seals in the 2.0-liter engine. Porsche Classic dipped into the automaker's central warehouse to find original items, and in some cases, archived data and drawings were called upon to get things absolutely correct. Modern materials are different from those used back in the day, so these resources were paramount in creating a truly period-correct Targa roof.

The restoration process lasted three years, with 1,000 hours of work devoted to the body alone. The end result speaks for itself, and it sure is nice to see this rare classic back in top condition.