Place your bids before it's too late.

Thanks to an online Mecum auction you now have the opportunity to own one of the rarest Vipers ever built. This one of one Dodge Viper GTS CS was meant to be the start of a 50-car production run managed by Carol Shelby. Unfortunately, due to Shelby’s poor health, only one example was produced, which is being listed for sale for the first time.

The 1997 Dodge Viper GTS CS is a unique blend of added performance and cosmetic additions from the team at Shelby. On the exterior, the trademark cross grille is replaced by an open air intake that is reminiscent of a Shelby Cobra. Gold wheels and strips were also added alongside Shelby badging to let onlookers know this isn’t a normal Viper. The interior is trimmed in red leather with Carol Shelby’s signature embroidered on the dashboard.

When it came to performance improvements, the Viper GTS CS featured a unique intake system that was backed up by a more aggressive ECU tune. Shorter 3.73 gears were added to the rear end for better acceleration performance. Racing harnesses were also added to help owners safely track their Viper GTS CSs.

The online auction for the Viper GTS CS will run from January 7th and conclude on 17th leaving you plenty of time to cast your bid online. A certificate of authenticity and marketing materials are also included with the Viper to held round out its collectability.

This unique opportunity to own a piece of Dodge Viper history and one of the last cars Carol Shelby ever worked on will surely bring some strong bids. Shelby’s legacy that was mostly focused on Fords means that a Selby Viper is a very interesting and unlikely part of automotive history.