A now you can buy factory fresh classic GT-R

Soon you’ll be able to buy a better than new classic Nissan GT-R thanks to the restoration team at Nismo. The Nismo team who now builds parts for classic GTRs will offer complete restorations of R32, R33, and R34 GT-Rs rebuilding them to better than new condition.

Nissan’s performance brand Nismo has been a parts supplier for classic GT-Rs since 2017, helping owners keep their cars on the road. This parts supply ensures that classic Nissan GTRs can be maintained and enjoyed by current owners just like when Nissan first built and supported these cars. The complete restoration process now offered by Nismo will take this support a step further and allow you to purchase a factory fresh classic Nissan GT-R.

The restoration is a complete tear down to the bare chassis where Nismo engineers will evaluate the torsional rigidity of the body to ensure safety and performance. Nismo will also provide a complete teardown of your GT-R’s engine and rebuild it to the highest specifications. The engine's performance will be verified on a bench dyno and Nismo will also offer performance tunes for customers looking for extra power.

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Interiors will receive a complete refresh, which includes the replacement and repair of worn-out components. Customers even have the option to integrate more modern interior components from the R35 GT-R if they prefer more tech.

To make sure the newly restored GT-R is up to par, Nismo concludes their restoration with an on-tack test run with a professional Nismo drive. This ensures that the restored car is up to Nismo’s standards and will provide the performance customers expect from the legendary GT-R.

Would you purchase a newly restored classic GT-R over a more modern example? Or would you stick to the latest GT-R offerings from Nissan?