This vehicle redefines the word rare.

Let’s start off by talking about the man behind Tyrrell’s Classic Workshop, Iain Tyrrell. A distant relative of Formula 1 mogul Ken Tyrrell, Iain spends most of his time restoring classic cars – many of them being Lamborghinis. As his repertoire speaks for itself, he recently received Ferruccio Lamborghini’s one personal Countach to set his hand to. 

With 36-years of experience in classic car restoration, it’s safe to say that Ferruccio’s one love is in good hands. Track record aside, this Countach is a lot more than just the CEO’s company car. It bears the original low roofline which was changed later on after many couldn’t fit properly in their pride and joy; along with its original dimensions, the vehicle was resprayed in stark white – the only color Ferruccio said a Countach should be painted.

As his YouTube channel includes “Workshop” in its title, Tyrrell took inventory of the vehicle’s minor faults during his test drive. Right off the bat, he noticed the clutch wasn’t disengaging all the way, resulting in a stiff gear change. The only other issue he came across was the car picking up cambers quite aggressively on the road – certainly tough to perfect with a 345 section rear-tire. Big kudos go to Mr. Tyrrell for properly driving the supercar because allegedly the previous owners were much too scared to pilot a vehicle of such value.

On closer inspection in the workshop, he also spotted an issue with one of the door handles not working properly. Fixing the easy things first, he swaps out some components on the door system in a matter of minutes and keeps ticking things off the list. After swapping out some of the worn suspension bushings and a fluid cycle in the clutch system, the vehicle was ready to go.

A brief validation test at the end of the video reveals that everything is fixed. Being the true petrolhead that he is, Tyrrell put the Countach through the wringer to have a taste of the supercar’s performance. After driving what has to be one of the rarest examples in existence, we’d wager it’d be tough to top this experience.