The best I can give you is $96,000.

Aside from the number of memes that have come out of Pawn Stars, fans recently had the opportunity to purchase a prized possession from one of the cast members. Up for sale was Rick Harrison’s 1932 Ford Roadster, a steel-bodied Dearborn Duece finished in black semi-gloss on the outside and black leather on the inside. While bidding has ended, the highest offer tips the scales at $96,000.

While the future ownership of this car remains a mystery, the Deuce is a very special automobile. Being the poster child for hotrodders back in the day, it was easy to modify, lightweight, and looked like nothing else on the road. What surprises most people about these vehicles is that they’re actually quite rare; with only one year of production, there aren’t that many Blue Oval classics left.

Located in Scottsdale, Arizona, Harrison’s vehicle was built to produce the same blistering performance to be expected out of these things, while being easy to use on the road. As such, this build features a custom-built frame, a 6.0-liter LS2 V8 engine, an automatic transmission, and disc brakes.

While it may sound like they’ve modernized the Dearborn Deuce, don’t fret because this thing still has a sense of humor. While it may have disc brakes and an automatic gearbox, it still produces big power and boasts classic knockoff style wheels – not the knockoff you were thinking of. Rather than slang for aftermarket, knockoff wheels are held onto the car with a lockring rather than five lug nuts. Originally used for racing, they never really caught on for road vehicles after classic car owners lost their nerve taking wheels off with a hammer.

Several damaged quarter panels later, the lug nut system became the industry standard. Regardless of where the Pawn Stars Ford goes, it remains an uber-cool piece of history with a great story.