Filthy on the surface but fine underneath.

Whenever we see an AMMO NYC detailing video, we know it will showcase the brilliant transformation of a vehicle on the path to concourse level quality. A master of his craft, Larry Kosilla produces stunning results on any automobile he sets his hand to. His latest video features a spectacular Datsun 280Z barn find with incredibly low mileage.

The Z in question was purchased by a man named Stephen Walker who had received a tip from one of his petrolhead buddies. He couldn’t believe the condition of the Z when it arrived after sitting in a barn since new.

It turns out that the previous owner had taken bits of the car apart to make some modifications, but never reassembled it after running into money troubles. As the mods were put off indefinitely, the Z never saw the light of day, leading to the incredibly low mileage – rumor has it there was still a whiff of new car smell as the doors had been closed for so long.

While the dust and dirt on the exterior of the car may look like a bad thing, Kosilla says that it may have actually protected the paint. As such, after an initial foam bath, the result underneath appeared brand new. All that needed to be done was to buff out the dirt that had been absorbed into the clearcoat.

After detailing the exterior, the panels which had been separated from the car were reunited to complete the build – this wasn’t just limited to the exterior as the center console, shifter-boot, badges, bumpers, and hub caps also needed reinstallation. Unsurprisingly, the end result is absolutely stunning as under the skin this 280Z is essentially a brand new car.

It’s a great moment to see a vehicle that may have perpetually sat in a barn get the treatment it truly deserves. Seeing Stephen and his buddies work together in returning the Z to its former glory was not only great automotive content, but also a heartwarming experience.