In fact, they come from the GM Motorama show car.

Remember when someone listed a set of Bugatti Veyron wheels for $100,000? At the time, we thought that was expensive but a quick check with the French manufacturer revealed this is actually a good price. Today we have something nearly as expensive and we want to hear your voice - is it really worth the money?

As the headline says, we are talking about a set of seats that came from the original GM Motorama Waldorf prototype that precedes the Chevrolet Corvette. It’s probably (almost) fair to say these are the first Corvette seats ever made that are now 68 years old.

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Obviously, as the photos show, these seats have seen better days. As our colleagues at point out, the value here is much more about the fact that these seats are unique and the only ones in existence and not about their current condition.

It’s also worth mentioning that “a thorough chain of possession of these seat cushions and buckets is known and may be provided to the successful bidder.” According to the seller, “these historical First Corvette Seats are the perfect conversational element for the finest Automobile Collector’s Man-cave (or She-shed).”

Honestly, even after taking into account their history, we are not sure anyone would pay $90,000 for the seats. But even if there’s a bidder, we ask ourselves - what’s the future of these seats? Are they going to be restored? Or are they going to be kept in their current condition? We’ll try to find out in the coming months and will report back so stay tuned.