The car is in good hands now.

In July this year, a story about an abandoned Ferrari Testarossa was brought to our attention by YouTuber Scott Chivers, a.k.a Ratarossa. In his video, he told us about the supercar that’s been sitting on a street in Puerto Rico for 17 years. Thankfully, a few months later, the car has a new owner and he is very enthusiastic about getting it back to its former glory.

The new video courtesy of the same YouTube channel introduces us to the new owner of the 1988 Testarossa with only about 15,000 miles on the clock. He is a car collector from Puerto Rico who finally managed to snap a deal for the Italian supercar after years of negotiations. His plan is to restore the vehicle in approximately three months and the new 20-minute clip shows the progress made during the first month.

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After 17 years under the burning Puerto Rico sun, the car is in a really bad condition. The interior is literally falling apart and the exterior needs a complete respray. However, nothing can stop the experienced and skilled man from recovering the abandoned Testarossa.

According to information from the video, the new owner of the car spent $30,000 for it which, in our eyes, is a pretty good price for what is one of Ferrari’s greatest supercars ever. Obviously, he’ll have to spend a little fortune to get it back to its factory-fresh looks but judging by the progress made so far, he knows what he’s doing and the car is in good hands.

What’s the moral of the story? As one of the commenters under the video on YT says, “Dude restored a Ferrari. In a carport. With a meat cleaver. In sandals. With no shirt on. We need to stop making excuses why we can’t finish our project cars!” Amen!