A fond look back at the days of four-eyed motoring.

The use of round rather than rectangular or more complex headlights at the dawn of the automotive industry was due to the technologies of the time. Sometimes this was used for separate high-beam lenses, and sometimes it was simply for more illumination. These days, single units incorporate multiple lights but we remember the "four-eye" days fondly.

Looking back through history, you find no shortage of classic cars with four individual lights up front. Aside from mere illumination, such designs occasionally signified more luxurious trim levels though you'll find them on everything from European sedans to American trucks. And lest we forget, even some exotic cars with pop-up headlights featured quad lenses in rectangular boxes.

We could devote pages upon pages honoring the bygone era of quad lights. Instead, we'll simply take a look at 10 iconic cars from around the world and reminisce about the old days. Jump into the slideshow above for a look at our choices, and jump into the comments below with selections of your own.