This is a car we'd totally love to see in our garages.

The Mitsubishi 3000GT is one of the 1990s cars that made Ferrari nervous about its performance crown. It remains one of our all-time favorite models of the Japanese company that always reminds us of its famed history. Today, we have one very special example of the 3000GT that’s currently up for sale.

As you can see, this is by far not just a regular 3000GT. First, it’s from the VR-4 version, of which just 287 examples were sold in the United States. And second, this one - behold! - is the very last imported to the country, according to the 3000GT/Dodge Stealth VIN database 3SWiki. 

The ad for the sports car says it has had no accidents in the past and is in almost completely stock conditions. The oil was last changed in June 2020 and approximately 15 months ago, it received a major service totaling over $11,000, when the timing belt, water pump, clutch, engine mounts, spark plugs, and all fluids were replaced.

We are happy to see the seller honestly lists all the bad points the car has. These include mostly minor issues, such as a damaged center cap on the front driver-side wheel, rock chips on the hood and bottom of the side skirts, and a driver door speaker that needs to be replaced. According to the available information, the current owner of the car has owned it since October 2018 and has added about 300 miles during his ownership.

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With five days until the end of the auction, the current highest bid stands at $16,250. We think if it goes below $20,000, it’ll be a good deal for both sides. Don’t wait, go bid for the final 3000GT imported into the US.