With 380 hp and weighing just 2,242 pounds, it should be a blast to drive.

Eagle specializes in building a vehicle that attempts to take all the best parts of the classic Jaguar E-Type but injecting some modern technology into it. The company's latest creation is the Eagle Lightweight GT that aims to be a road-going version of a rare, Jag racer.

"Three years ago, a customer asked us to create Eagle’s vision of Jaguar’s ultimate E-Type, the Lightweight. The result of that project is the Eagle Lightweight GT, rigorously developed and proven and now ready for further builds," company founder Henry Pearman said in the new model's announcement.

Eagle uses a bare Series 1 E-Type chassis as a starting point and then fits aluminum body panels over it. The company has technicians who shape the pieces by hand, and the whole car requires 2,500 man-hours of work. Compared to an authentic E-Type Lightweight race car, this one has larger fender arches that allow for fitting 16-inch wheels that are wider than the original.

All in, it weighs 2,242 pounds (1,017 kilograms), including amenities like air conditioning and leather upholstery throughout the cabin. While the Eagle Lightweight GT takes inspiration from a race car, driving it should be a lot more comfortable because of the luxurious interior.

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Eagle retains the inline-six engine but punches out the displacement to 4.7 liters, rather than 3.8 liters for an actual E-Type Lightweight. The company quotes the output at 380 horsepower (283 kW) and 375 pound-feet (508 Newton-meters) of torque. The power runs through a five-speed manual. To save weight the gearbox case, bell housing, differential case, sump, and rear hub carriers are magnesium.

The Lightweight GT is part of Eagle's special edition lineup of models along with the Speedster, Low Drag GT, and Spyder GT. The company completes just two examples of them each year, and they require 8,000 hours of assembly.