You can have it with a twin-turbo 7.3-liter Ford V8... and a wood bed.

Illinois-based Gateway Bronco made a name for itself restomodding Ford’s classic SUV and now is extending its area of expertise to include the F-Series trucks. Specifically, the company will be modernizing the F-100, F-150, and F-250 trucks from the 1967-1972 era, giving them contemporary engines, gearboxes, suspension, and brakes on top of a full restoration.

Work begins by taking an original street-legal F-Series truck from that era and then the owner gets to pick from several engine options. There’s a naturally aspirated Gen3 Ford 5.0-liter V8 or you can upgrade to a 7.3-liter Ford V8 with either twin turbos or a supercharger. The latter solution comes with a Harrop or Roush supercharger with as much as 700 horsepower on tap.

Gateway Bronco has released design sketches of its first F-Series-based project, a 1969 F-250 CrewCab 4x4 with the supercharged V8 it will showcase this year on Eaton’s booth at the SEMA show. The company says it will work on both two- and four-door trucks and fit them with everything from front+rear differentials to a wood bed.

The modernization process goes well beyond that as the F-Series truck from the late ‘60s and early ‘70s can be fitted with active exhaust systems featuring a controllable exhaust note, along with push-button controls and a four-link chassis. Inside the cabin, Gateway Bronco can fit your classic Ford truck with multiple types of leather, including American bison and hide.

Gateway Bronco F-Series
Gateway Bronco F-Series

All of their F-Series-based projects are backed by a five-year bumper-to-bumper warranty and each and every truck is protected against rust using the company’s own solutions. Gateway says its restomodded trucks are more comfortable and ride smoother, which makes sense given the skin-deep upgrades. You’ll have to patiently wait to get your old-new truck as production at the 60,000-square feet factory in Hamel is limited to just two to four trucks per month.

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ST. LOUIS – June 16, 2020 – “Reimagined” 1967-1972 Ford F-Series trucks will begin rolling out of Gateway Bronco in the second quarter of 2020 as Ford Motor Company has licensed the company to transform heritage “Built Ford Tough” F-100, F-150 and F-250 trucks using modern supercharged drivetrains, suspensions and amenities.

Gateway Bronco offers world-class reconditioned Ford Broncos that boast contemporary engines, transmission, brakes and suspensions engineered to make the classic SUV perform similar to a modern vehicle.

“So many people love the craftmanship and value of our Resto-Mod Ford Broncos that they’re asking us to build a modernized classic Ford pickup,” said Seth Burgett, CEO of Gateway Bronco. “When we approached Ford Motor Company with the consumer requests, they quickly issued us a license to fulfill that worldwide demand. So, we will begin fast tracking our first commission for an enthusiast who wants to put a reimagined 1969 Ford F-250 Crew Cab next to the Ford Bronco that we rebuilt for him. Eaton’s Performance aftermarket business was so enamored with the truck that they asked to debut it in their SEMA exhibit this fall.”

Current trends all point toward the 1967-1972 F-Series “bump side” truck as the perfect vehicle to follow the trail blazed by the Ford Bronco for re-imagined vintage vehicles.

Vintage SUVs and pickups are among the most popular vehicles on the market. According to the Hagerty Price Guide, values for F-Series pickups are up 41 percent since 2017.

Like the famous heritage SUVs from Gateway Bronco, the “Resto-Mod” F-Series Ford trucks will be a marvel of engineering and quality. Starting with an original street legal truck, the Gateway Bronco team then integrates:

A naturally aspirated Generation 3 Ford 5.0-liter V8 and 10-speed automatic transmission
Push button 4x4 control, similar to a modern truck
Powder coated custom designed 4-link chassis
Push button Active Control Exhaust for any exhaust note desired, on demand
Rugged leather interiors including American Bison, hair on hide or distressed bench seats
Genuine barn wood bed
Options include:

A 7.3-liter Ford V8 with twin turbos or Harrop USA supercharger with Eaton TVS Technology
Either a Harrop USA or ROUSH Performance supercharger, both featuring Eaton TVS® Technology, offering up to 700 hp
An Eaton Performance differential package, featuring an Eaton ELocker® front differential and a Detroit Truetrac® rear differential for the ultimate traction performance
Every vehicle from Gateway Broncos is backed by an industry-leading 5-year bumper-to-bumper warranty through innovation and strict quality standards. The company protects each SUV and truck from rust and deterioration using proprietary solutions, as well as modern chassis components and tuning expertise to make the ride smoother and more comfortable. Gateway can produce between two and four vehicles a month and meets the Certified Reconditioned Vehicle standards established by Ford.

One reason for the Gateway Bronco restored trucks’ impressive capability will lay under the hood. The first in the new series, a 1969 F-250 Crew Cab 4x4 boasting the optional 7.3-liter supercharged V8, will be displayed in Eaton’s SEMA show booth.

“We’re pleased and honored to again partner with Gateway on this custom build,” said Tim Bauer, vice president, Aftermarket, Eaton’s Vehicle Group North America. “The Gateway built Bronco in our 2019 SEMA booth was a phenomenal vehicle and a huge customer draw. Ford’s new 7.3-liter V8 engine with a Harrop supercharger is perfect for classic F-series trucks. It uses the same Twin Vortices Series supercharger technology used in the amazing 2020 Mustang Shelby GT500. With our performance differentials front and rear, this drivetrain is perfectly equipped to handle the tremendous torque in Gateway Bronco’s new F-Series Resto-Mod.”

“Our custom trucks are perfect for families who enjoy picking up kids at school or running errands in a fun vehicle that is different from anything else on the road,” said Burgett. “They ride smooth and drive like modern vehicles on our proprietary 4 link chassis. They have amenities including A/C, heated seats, power windows and wall-to-wall leather inside. This is a bit of a ‘stealth wealth’ approach that gives owners with means the ability to enjoy their success without flaunting their resources in public.”

Gateway Bronco’s reimagined F-Series trucks are available as a two or four door family vehicle, which would be spacious enough for vintage camping or road trips.

“The F-Series truck is aligned with vintage camping, one of the hottest trends,” said Burgett. “The trucks can easily pull a restored Airstream for a throwback family weekend, making ‘Rockwell’ dreams come true.”

Gateway Bronco is taking orders for the F-Series classic trucks. Information is available at

About Gateway Bronco
Gateway Bronco, innovator of the re-imagination of Ford Broncos and classic F-Series trucks, guarantees up to a 5-year warranty by producing reconditioned off-road vehicles on a production line with quality checks each step of the way. Each vehicle is equipped with a Ford V8 engine, a 10-speed automatic transmission and is engineered to perform like a modern vehicle using proprietary solutions exclusive to Gateway Bronco. For more information, visit and follow us on Instagram @GatewayBronco.

Gateway’s CEO, Seth Burgett, has a long history of innovation, including being the principal inventor of a medical device robot used in cardiology and neurology, performing surgeries around the globe using a joystick. More recently, Mr. Burgett was granted a patent for his invention of a set of headphones with physiological sensors, producing one of the world’s first heart rate monitoring sport headphones in a partnership with Under Armour and JBL. Both an award-winning engineer and an Ernst and Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year candidate, Seth has attended MIT, Stanford and holds an Executive MBA from the Olin School of Business of Washington University where he was awarded the Inspirational Leadership award. For more information, see a full bio in the digital media kit.