You'll be surprised by the numbers.

The Late Model Restoration channel on YouTube is back with yet another Ford Mustang tested on the dyno. This time around, the folks are checking how much power a 1989 Fox Body Mustang GT still makes. 

During its long production life, the third generation Mustang went through several major changes and upgrades with enthusiasts generally dividing the generation into two segments: 1979–1986 cars and 1987–1993 cars. Today’s guest is of the latter type.

The details about the condition of the car promise it’ll produce a proper horsepower figure. It may have approximately 173,000 miles (approximately 278,500 kilometers) on the clock but “it drives like it's brand new.” It’s not in a completely stock form as it has been modified for better performance. Plus, it has a Saleen exterior package but it doesn’t affect the car’s performance on the dyno, obviously.

The dyno run was performed in fourth gear which has the 1:1 gear ratio and showed a peak output of 228.69 horsepower (170.53 kilowatts) at approximately 4,800 rpm and 292.52 pound-feet (396.6 Newton-meters) of torque at 3,500 rpm. The factory figures for a 1989 Mustang GT show 225 hp (168 kW) and 300 lb-ft (410 Nm) of torque so it’s safe to say a few modifications to the 4.9-liter engine make such a huge difference.

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This is not the first Mustang or the first car in general from the previous century we’ve seen on the dyno. Our colleagues at have published a number of videos, showing previous generations Mustangs, and just yesterday we shared footage with a dyno test of a super rare 1948 Tucker