The trunk smells like an "old Fig Newton and potting soil," the mechanic says.

This 1970 Cadillac Deville sat in a field for around 20 years before Vice Grip Garage got to it. Over the decades, the massive luxury sedan sank into the earth. You might not think this abandoned machine has any life left, but this talented mechanic is able to get the big V8 running again.

The host of the Vice Grip Garage is highly entertaining. He has a very dry sense of humor and a way with words. For example, he describes the smell when first opening the trunk as being like an "old Fig Newton and potting soil." The stench of the cabin isn't any better and earns the description of being like an "abscessed tooth and grass fertilizer." 

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Even if the cabin smells awful, it looks pretty good in there. The vinyl upholstery is still bright white, and there isn't even a crack in the dashboard. Mice have packed the glovebox full of insulation, though.

Opening the hood reveals lots of evidence of rodents. The little critters have been chewing on the wires and making nests in there. 

After pulling the Cadillac free, Vice Grip Garage gets to work trying to get it running again. After bypassing the fuel tank and using a whole lot of starter fluid, the V8 finally comes back to life. 

The brakes go out on c's pickup during the Cadillac repair process, so naturally he decides to drive the Caddy on the 30-mile journey back to his home. Other than the brakes being practically useless, the trip goes pretty well. He even takes the big sedan onto the interstate. Once in town, he even swings by the liquor store.

As a project, this Caddy seems to be in decent condition as a starting point. There are issues with the brakes and fuel system to address but at least the engine runs. Getting the rancid smell out of the interior should also be near the top of the list of goals.