There's a Seafoam green body. Plus, the interior has dark green leather and green-highlighted houndstooth fabric.

The team at Singer Vehicle Design is keeping very busy by debuting the Honor Roll Commission and Warren Commission reimagined Porsche 911s in just the past two weeks, and now the Dolores Commission joins them. This driver specifies a car that has more of an emphasis on driving comfort by including amenities like air conditioning and a well-integrated navigation system, which is not easily visible in these photos.

Like the other two recent Singer builds, the Dolores Commission uses the company's 4.0-liter naturally aspirated flat-six, air-cooled engine and a six-speed manual. The brake calipers are Singer Racing Red with white lettering, and they're barely visible behind the two-tone, Fuchs-style wheels.

Gallery: Singer Dolores Commission Porsche 911

Singer paints all of the Dolores Commission Seafoam green, including the bumperettes, and uses nickel for the badging on the decklid. The buyer specifies the front fender-mounted filler for the gasoline, rather than the location in the center of the hood for the Honor Roll and Warren Commissions.

Inside, the buyer chooses dark green leather throughout the cabin. There's also lots of houndstooth-pattern tweed that has green subtly included in the material. The eight-way adjustable touring seats should provide a comfortable driving experience. The door sills and transmission tunnel wear the exterior's Seafoam green. The gauges have black backing with green markings to match the rest of the vehicle. Like on the outside, the badges are nickel.


Opening the cover over the front luggage compartment exposes an area with more dark green leather. For contrast, there's a quilted pattern with Alabaster stitching.

Judging by the Dolores Commission's specifications, this car would be absolutely perfect for sporty cruising. Plus, the interior appears very comfortable for long distances.