Yay or nay for the reinvented off-roader?

The entire automotive community is eagerly waiting for the revived Ford Bronco to be unveiled later this year. While we’ve already seen leaked photos of the off-roader, there’s a lot of excitement still surrounding the big debut - and we’re actually just a few weeks away from seeing it. This makes us hungry for more Bronco stuff and today’s video comes right on time.

It takes us to Chip Foose’s desk where the famous designer tries to reinvent the original Bronco. He takes the first-generation Bronco, a capable off-road vehicle, and turns it into a street machine. Well, the project is just a single drawing yet but that’s more than a decent start.

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Foose takes the shape and overall proportions of the 1966 Bronco and begins with a rough sketch of what he wants to achieve in the end. The 56-year-old designer lowers the iconic model and gives it matching large wheels, while also completely redesigning the top. The ease with which he materializes his ideas on paper is so hypnotizing to watch.

Next, Foose makes a more detailed and precise drawing of his project and modifies some of the vehicle’s lines. The original radiator grille, for example, is replaced by a hotrod-style grille and there are new race stripes that complete the design. 

Honestly, that’s not exactly our cup of tea but we are not here to judge. Beauty is subjective but we have to admire Foose’s talent to create something unique from scratch. So, can a sports car for the dirt, as Foose describes the original Bronco, become a sports car for the street? Let us know in the comments section below.