The auction takes place October 23 - 24, with 567 individual lots crossing the block.

Some auto auctions are continuing in an online format during the Coronavirus pandemic. RM Sotheby’s has several online events slated for the summer, but our focus for this feature isn’t happening until October 23. Hopefully, life will be normalized enough by then to allow in-person viewing of this impressive collection, because there’s so much to see.

This particular event is dubbed the Elkhart Collection; it includes 567 individual lots and over 240 cars once owned by an Indiana businessman. The circumstances that led to the creation of this collection are a bit dubious, with the owner ultimately declaring bankruptcy. As such, nearly everything in this auction is offered at no reserve, and that includes oddball collectibles like model engines to shop supplies, obscure vehicles, race cars, and epic supercars.

We perused all 567 lots and came up with this list of 20 interesting tidbits that stand out in a decidedly impressive collection. Mind you, this isn’t a list of the most valuable items being offered – with vehicles like a Ferrari Daytona and Lamborghini Miura in the crowd, such a countdown would overshadow some decidedly quirky rides and collectible items crossing the auction block.

We picked five items and 15 cars that caught our attention. Jump into the slideshow above to see our choices.