How many are Ferraris, and what other makes appear in this list? Following RM Sotheby's Petersen Automotive Museum sale, even the cheapest here is over $20m.

There are rumors of Ferrari 250 GTOs having sold privately for £35 million, perhaps £40 million, and we now know that one has sold for a claimed $70 million (£52m). But the most accurate figures come from auctions.

This year there have been three new entries to the top 10, with one already being shuffled back out after RM Sotheby's Petersen Automotive Museum December 2018 sale.

At Monterey Car Week in August, the highest price ever paid at auction was shattered by a 250 GTO Series II that reached $48,405,000. The day before, a Duesenberg SSJ Roadster sold for $22 million, making it the most expensive pre-war car and most expensive American car ever sold at auction.

It's already been moved out of the top 10, with a Ferrari Classiche-certified 1956 Ferrari 290 MM previously raced by Formula 1 legends Juan Manuel Fangio, Peter Collins and Sir Stirling Moss selling for $22,005,000 in December.

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The figures in the Top 10 are shown in dollars first, because it is the currency of the top-price cars. However, the third-placed car, sold in Paris, does hold the record for the highest-priced car sold in euros or pounds sterling.

You’ll notice they’re almost all Ferraris, with just an Aston Martin and a Mercedes-Benz breaking the Italian marque's stronghold on the top 10.