You can choose to grab this snake or leave it.

We’re back with yet another interesting vehicle find on eBay, and this one is a bit of a perplexing one. This 2006 Dodge Viper Copperhead Edition certainly looks amazing and has the promise of exclusivity with only 51 of these ever produced. You can also grab it for a Buy It Now price of $79,995. That might sound shockingly low for a limited-edition, hand-built American supercar, but is it really worth it?

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Everything about this car looks well cared-for, and the private seller claims there’s a mere 16,890 miles on it. Air conditioning, power locks, and power windows were added from the factory, so this Viper is a little tamer than you might expect. And it comes with the exclusive paint, exterior enhancements, leather upholstery, and interior finishes like carbon fiber.

Sweetening the deal further are some professional aftermarket tweaks. Among them are rocker panels, Hennessey rear diffuser, Hennessey rear wing, rebuilt engine with all kinds of upgrades to the internals, and a fully-adjustable Penske suspension. The seller claims output is 861-horsepower at the rear wheels, which is monstrous if accurate.

It’s no surprise that Dodge Vipers don’t exactly skyrocket in value in the aftermarket, which can be great if you’re looking to drive and not garage it. After all, the first production Dodge Viper owned by the late Lee Iacocca himself sold at Barrett-Jackson last week for a mere $285,000. You’d think such a vehicle would’ve hammered for far more, but the fact is these Dodge sports cars don’t bring in the big bucks.

Of course, that could change, and if you’re holding onto one when the tide turns you’ll be sitting pretty. But there’s no indication such a turn in the market is coming anytime soon.

Buying modified cars can be a bit of a gamble. The fact this Dodge has been professionally done is a plus, because some people do a poor job on the upgrades and they end up not aging well. But not everyone will necessarily like or agree with the tweaks done, potentially diminishing the value of the car. Remember, a vehicle is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. Until then, value is technically theoretical.

If you’re going to grab any Dodge Viper, the 2003 to 2006 model years are a good pool to choose from. A restyling for 2003 helped make the car sleeker and more visually appealing. The wheelbase increased by two inches, while the overall length shrunk. Many experts agree that the 2003 to 2006 model years are the most unappreciated for the Viper, and that might be realized one day. If so, values of cars like this will jump, putting you in a nice position if you garage this Copperhead Edition.

Life is full of risks. Grabbing this snake definitely would be taking a risk, but is it worth it? With the current bid as of the writing of this article sitting at $59,995 and this listing racking up 10 views an hour, it seems interest is high. Ultimately, you have to decide if you would pass or go for this Viper.

Photos credit: eBay