The CR-X was one of Honda's coolest cars of the '80s, and this low-mileage example is in amazing condition.

Finding a legal JDM-spec import in the U.S. these days is getting much easier thanks to companies like J-Spec Auto, but finding original, unmodified cars from Japan is where the true challenge lies. That's where this pristine 1989 Honda CR-X SiR comes into play.

Bone Stock 1989 Honda CRX SiR Is A JDM Unicorn

The 1989 model year marked the first year for the JDM-only SiR trim level, which was packing the CR-X's most potent engine – the DOHC VTEC 1.6-liter B16A four-cylinder with a 158-horsepower output. For comparison, the U.S.-spec CRX (no hyphen) Si only produced 108 horsepower. Not that this sport compact needed that much power, though, as its 2,200-pound curb weight made it light and nimble. As popular as the CRX has gotten in recent years, this 1989 Honda CR-X SiR would be a real score for any Honda or JDM enthusiast. 

Thanks to the 25-year import law, this right-hand-drive CR-X SiR was eligible to be imported, and J-Spec Auto did all the legwork to get this hot hatch legalized in the U.S. With just under 98,000 kilometers (about 60,000 miles) showing on the odometer, this CR-X is in amazing condition, and it's still original as it was the day it was built right down to the factory alloy wheels.

The white paint and black exterior trim don't show any signs of aging, while the interior looks amazing for a 31-year-old car with no fading or signs of any wear and tear. This car even comes with a rare factory power sunroof option instead of the more popular glass top.

Gallery: Bone Stock 1989 Honda CRX SiR Is A JDM Unicorn

J-Spec Auto will hook you up with this JDM CR-X for $14,995, so contact them today for more information on this car. If this CR-X isn't quite what you're looking for, be sure to check out some of the other legally imported JDM classics listed for sale.