Instead of heading to the crusher, this Australian company found a unique way to recycle wrecked exotics.

It's a sad day when any classic, collectible or exotic car is destroyed, but instead of heading to the crusher or a Copart auction, this Australia-based company found a unique way to recycle wrecked exotics. Starting with a burned Aston Martin and a wrecked Ferrari, Fuoriserie has designed a limited-edition watch using components harvested from these cars.

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Being harvested from a wrecked car that once roamed the streets of Australia, Fuoriserie promises that each watch has its own character that might include things like a scratch, scuff or patina, and the company allows any imperfections in the paint to remain for added character – improve not remove. The black-on-black Storm Black watch comes from a fire-damaged Aston Martin Rapide, while the Rossa Red model uses metal from a wrecked Ferrari 348 TB. Both cars were beyond repair, but their parts live on thanks to these individually numbered bespoke timepieces. 

Each watch gets a unique color scheme based on the car from which it's sourced with the Rossa Red featuring Ferrari's signature red hue with a tan leather strap and the Storm Black having all black appearance like the Rapide shown above. While the color schemes are unique to the cars from which the watches are sourced, the overall design is the same. The leather strap is meant to mimic the look of vintage steering wheels, and the lugs of the watches are inspired by the bumpers of a '48 Cadillac.

According to the company's website, Fuoriserie's "ethos and products are built on the dreams of people who have a desire for supercars [and] speed alongside an appreciation for precise timekeeping and sustainability by reusing supercar parts that were destined for landfill."

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With limited metal to use from each car, Fuoriserie is only making 150 examples of both the Rossa Red and Storm Black watches, and both are priced at $450 in Australia, which converts to around $300 USD. There is no word as to what exotic supercars are being sourced for upcoming watches, but there's no doubt they will be equally stylish.