Stop fantasizing about owning a Ferrari and get this.

If you’re like most people, you admire Ferraris but think owning one is completely out of reach. You might be wrong, considering this 1979 Ferrari 308 GTS is being sold by San Francisco Sports Cars for just under $70,000. It’s not rusting out or falling apart, but instead looks good enough to turn a lot of friends.

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A Black over Black color scheme looks fantastic, especially considering how the color is when freshly polished like in these photos. Just imagine how the neighbors and your family members react when they see this vintage Ferrari 308 GTS with you behind the wheel. Plus this is the Targa variant, so you can remove that roof panel and really enjoy the fresh air on a nice day.

When the Ferrari 308 GTB, the hardtop coupe version, debuted in 1975 at the Paris Show it was met with enthusiasm by fans. Departing from the controversial styling of the 308 GT4, Ferrari used Pininfarina to design this beauty, which explains the simple yet effective lines. In addition, the car was shorter and features a mid-engine layout, a major boon for handling.

While this car is certainly a more affordable way to get a Ferrari, don’t think for a minute the Ferrari 308 GTS is a pushover. Sitting behind the seats is a bristling 3.0-liter V8 engine which absolutely snarls when pushed. It is known for being relatively easy to maintain, also making this car ideal for first-time Ferrari ownership. Plus, this model year is one of the more sought after by enthusiasts, thanks to Ferrari introducing Bosch fuel injection the next year, a move which hurt performance.

You’ll note the interior of this Ferrari looks just as fantastic as the exterior, with all the factory equipment intact. Even the original AM/FM radio with cassette player is still installed, so you can pop in that Pink Floyd tape while cruising through town.

For specific questions about this car or if you want to inquire about buying it, reach out to San Francisco Sports Cars.

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