This 1957 Plymouth Fury was the star of the movie.

Whether you’re a Stephen King fan or just really like movie cars, this 1957 Plymouth Fury is absolutely the perfect way to help celebrate Halloween. It was one of 14 cars used in the production of the 1983 film Christine, based on the Stephen King novel. This car is on display at Volo Auto Museum, so you can see it with your own eyes, if you dare get that close.

You won’t see any Plymouth restore itself after being crashed, set on fire, or otherwise damaged, and that’s part of the fun of Christine. Of course, this car is a psychopathic killer, at least it plays one in the movie, and that’s also part of the fantasy. The story has fascinated people for a few decades now, but seeing the car in person is a real treat. Those creepy red glowing headlights are absolutely haunting.

At Stephen King’s request, this very Plymouth Fury was used in the production of the Hulu series 11/22/63, a JJ Abrams production starring James Franco, which is based on the book with the same title. Apparently, King said this specific version of Christine was memorable because the production staff for the Christine movie nicknamed it “Pristine Christine.”

As you can see, the car certainly earned that nickname rightfully. While everything looks perfect, Stephen King’s autograph on the dash is a little off. When he was signing the car the ink started to run, almost as if Christine were bleeding. He then remarked that the vehicle remembered him.

For the skeptics who might think this is just another red 1957 Plymouth Fury, the museum has retained contrast from the movie production company to back up the claim it’s authentic. In addition, there are photos of Stephen King signing the dash.

If you want to see this Christine car in person, Volo Auto Museum is located in Volo, Illinois and is open every day.