Bid on this exceptionally clean Bimmer before it’s gone.

Some cars are so special, their owners provide the upmost care from the very beginning. When this 1987 BMW M6 debuted, it was a modern classic, but today it’s becoming more of a dyed-in the-wool German classic car. The fact it looks just like it did when brand new helps with its collectability. The car changed hands from the first to second owner in 1996, and now through Raleigh Classic Car Auctions, you have the chance to bid on this exceptionally clean example.

Gallery: 1987 BMW M6 Is Completely Original

With a mere 10,000 miles showing on the odometer, it’s no wonder this M8 is in mint condition. That’s evident in the condition of the original black paint, which shines to near perfection, almost like it was just driven out of the showroom and straight into 2019. All of the Lotus white upholstery throughout the interior is spotless and shows zero signs of cracking, fading, or other damage. Even the writing on the various controls is still crisp, as if it had just been painted.

Pop the hood and you’ll find the underside of the hood and the entire engine bay is literally clean enough you could eat off it. The original and quite legendary 3.5-liter inline six-cylinder engine looks fantastic wearing the BMW M Power logo on the valve cover and exhaust manifold. Just as it should be, that engine is paired with a 5-speed manual transmission and a limited-slip differential, making for a true driver’s car.

While this BMW certainly begs to be driven, that immaculate interior houses quite a few fine luxuries, especially for back in the late ‘80s. You’ll note the factory car phone is still installed and ready to keep you connected on the go. Power locks, power windows, power steering, power-adjustable seats, power sunroof, air conditioning, AM/FM/cassette deck, and a pull-down back window sunshade are all included. The two owners have kept the original toolset housed on the underside of the trunk lid complete and in perfect condition.

Raleigh Classic Car Auctions has quite the selection of cars going to auction, if you want to take a look. To bid on this BMW M6, register here.