Previously restored classic destroyed over a few gaming consoles.

Warning: What you’re about to see may be disturbing to some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised. Classic car enthusiasts, especially those partial to the Ford’s trademark pony car, may be disturbed by the deliberate carnage caused to a once-immaculate 1967 Ford Mustang fastback.

Robbers Deliberately Smash 1967 Ford Mustang Into Storefront

Thieves used this vintage Mustang fastback as a rolling missile to crash into a technology storefront in Athens, Greece. It leaves you wondering what was in the store that was so important. Well, once they crashed the classic through the glass, the robbers took off with just a few gaming consoles. That's right, gaming consoles.

The classic Mustang was reported stolen the night before the incident, and it must be a hard blow to the owner to see it in such sad shape. Vintage Mustangs like this one are a rare sighting in Greece, so it’s even more insulting to see one abused in such a barbaric way.

Gallery: Robbers Deliberately Smash 1967 Ford Mustang Into Storefront

To make matters even worse, the owner recently shelled out $50,000 (45,000 Euros) to give this classic Mustang a complete restoration. Now, an estimated $5,500 (over 5,000 Euros) is needed to cover the cost of repairs to bring this car back to its previous grandeur. Both the front and rear glass have been completely smashed, and the roof and hood also suffered extensive damage. Of course, the front end that was used as a battering ram also needs quite a bit of reconstruction. Looking at the photos of the car, quite a bit lot of work awaits it in the near future.

Abandoned once the thieves took off with the precious gaming consoles, this video by Skai TV in Greece shows a reporter with the damaged Mustang as it still sits inside the store covered with shattered shards of glass and rubble. 


H/T: CarBuzz