You don’t see many of these Italian beauties in the United States.

When the movie Atomic Blonde debuted in 2017, people were mesmerized just as much by the cars as the intense action and flawless 80s soundtrack. One of the most talked-about vehicles featured on the screen was an Alfa Romeo Montreal, although American audiences for the most part didn’t know what it was, only that it looked sleek and appropriately exotic. Now you have the shot of owning your very own 1972 Alfa Romeo Montreal. This extremely rare Italian car is being sold through Naples Classic Car, but it very well could go quickly.

Gallery: Acquire A Rare 1972 Alfa Romeo Montreal

This grand tourer boasts a Bertone chassis, which is a big factor in the legendary handling capabilities. Also positively impacting that aspect is the low center of gravity. A 2.6-liter V8 provides lively, strong acceleration, especially when combined with the lightweight construction of the car. It also comes with a SPICA fuel injection system, which was extremely advanced technology for the early 1970s.

While this car needs some love, it has great aesthetics you can capitalize on with great success. Thanks to badging and that distinct front fascia design, anyone in the know will recognize this as an Alfa Romeo almost instantly. The paint is exactly what you’d imagine an exotic Italian GT would wear, plus it shines up rather nicely. A spectacularly clean engine compartment and perfect black leather seats as well as a wood steering wheel are also notable highlights.

The Montreal actually came about first as the prototype shown off at the Expo 1967 in Montreal, hence the name. Production began with the 1970 model year, running all the way until 1977. Few of these cars made their way into the United States during that time or after, which is why when the one was used by Charlize Theron’s character toward the end of Atomic Blonde, American audiences were clamoring to know what it was.

With that kind of a response, imagine how you’ll be greeted when driving this Alfa Romeo. While Naples Classic Car has an impressive stock of vehicles for sale, this one is still a standout. Contact them to inquire about purchasing it, before this Montreal drives off into the sunset with someone else at the wheel.