Yeah, it’s got a Hemi.

It’s a viable argument that this 1955 Chrysler C-300 is indeed the very first American muscle car. You might laugh at that notion, considering this vehicle was released in the mid-1950s and “everyone” knows the muscle car wars didn’t start until well into the 1960s. That might be true, but considering this Chrysler packs a 300-hosepower 331ci Hemi V8 with twin 4bbl carbs, you can’t really argue with that level of performance. Even better, this car is going to be auctioned off, giving you a chance at harnessing all that raw power.

Gallery: Bid On A Beautiful 1955 Chrysler C-300

Chrysler only made 1,725 of these C-300s back in 1955. A fair amount have been scrapped long ago, while of those that have survived this long, a good chunk aren’t in that good of shape. In other words, considering this car is so clean, it’s an amazing find. Just look at that long, straight white body with gleaming chrome trim. It looks beautiful, with some distinct 1950s styling flairs like rear fins, wide whitewall ties, and wire wheels. This is the car you take to cruise around town and make people stare in silent admiration.

Then there’s the plush tan interior. Just like the exterior, it looks absolutely perfect, leaving no doubt this car has not only been well cared-for, but has undergone a comprehensive restoration. The seat upholstery looks barely used, while the door panels show zero signs of having been kicked in other otherwise damaged. The metal dash painted to match the body contrasts smartly with the black around the factory gauges and switchgear. To keep things authentic, the AM radio is still in place, too.

While you get shocking performance from a car made in the mid-1950s, there’s also a high degree of luxury. Power steering was installed in the factory, as were power windows. There’s an automatic transmission, making this car a little easier to drive.

If you want to bid on this Chrysler and have a shot at adding it to your garage, contact GAA Classic Cars.

Source: Motorious