This is one of the more amazing barn find stories around.

Everyone dreams of finding that one amazing car just left somewhere, like a piece of junk. It’s the rags-to-riches story, both because you can make a lot of money off such a find, and because you can be part of bringing something of great value out of a horrible situation. John Temerian from Curated of course has many stories about such finds, but one stands out among them as particularly amazing. It involves a 1968 Lamborghini Miura S.


It’s pretty unbelievable to actually stumble across a true barn find, a car that was stashed away, neglected, forgotten about like something insignificant. Coming across such a find could just be good luck, but in the case of people like Temerian there’s a considerable amount of skill and knowledge which go into the equation.

Even still, this story shows that Temerian had to take a leap of faith to get this Miura for what he describes as a very fair price. It involved not doing much due diligence, driving out in the middle of nowhere after putting down a sizable deposit, and finally getting the relief of seeing that the car was indeed a genuine classic Lamborghini.

With hunting down classic cars, it’s something that you’re more likely to have luck doing the more often you do it. Familiarizing yourself with the details of what you want to buy is good, just like how Temerian knew enough off-hand about Miuras to catch subtle points about the car immediately which indicated that it was genuine.

Remember that Temerian was just trolling online for Lamborghini parts when he ran across this car. On Motorious there are vehicles of all kinds being listed constantly, so combing through the selection can yield amazing results. It takes patience, a deep interest in what you’re researching, and plenty of time, but one day you can have an amazing story to tell as well as something cool to show off.