The blaze caused $70,000 worth of damage!

Waking up to your pride and joy engulfed in flames is a scene out of any car enthusiast’s nightmare. It’s a scenario that is usually just contained to a bad dream, but stories like this make you realize that it can be anybody's reality. That is what happened here in Guildford, Australia, as their expensive car collection went up in flames while parked inside their carport.

Expensive Car Collection Suspiciously Goes Up In Flames

People awoke to loud explosions in the dead of night, and when they rushed outside, they noticed that their neighbor's carport was completely engulfed in flames. The fire was hot enough to melt metal. They may not know exactly how the fire started just yet, but it does appear to be intentionally set.

Thankfully, the fire was contained to the cars and didn’t spread anywhere else. A man, his wife, and his son who live inside the home are said to be fine but are in shock, understandably. It seems as if the collection was a target of arson, a fire set intentionally to destroy this family’s prized possessions. The suspicious fire caused about $70,000 worth of damage.

Gallery: Expensive Car Collection Suspiciously Goes Up In Flames

From what we can see, an Audi TT sports car and a boxy classic of some sort are a total loss due to the fire. Police are looking to speak to anyone who may have seen any suspicious activity or people in the area and are seeking any drivers with cars equipped with a dash cam that may have been driving through. Crime Stoppers should be contacted if anyone has any information regarding the blaze.

It may be worth looking into a surveillance system for any beloved vehicles that are not parked in a garage or enclosed space. Jealousy runs rampant everywhere, and what may seem like just a nightmare could easily become somebody's reality.