This is a stylistic masterpiece.

One of the great things about snagging a 1972 GMC C10 is that the half-ton pickup features clean, simple lines all around. Instead of unnecessary flourishes like fake vents and weird body creases, the design is straightforward, making for a fantastic presentation. This particular one was painted light green in the 1980s and that has held up like it was applied recently.

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That’s just the beginning of the customizations and upgrades for this truck. All-around debadging has ensured an even cleaner exterior presentation, which is a great move. The white tonneau cover matches the headlight surrounds, tying the front and rear together. Polished American Racing Astro Blade wheels add a little flair, but are conservative enough to not upstage the smooth bodywork.

Under that tonneau are even more dramatic changes. Instead of just another run-of-the-mill bed liner, there’s a rubber diamond plat pattern. Things take a plush turn with carpeted wheel wells, so you could hang out in the bed and stare at the starry night sky, or transport nice furniture and not have to worry about it getting gouged by metal edges.

Things get a little fancy for the interior, especially with black and gray molded vinyl door panels and the exterior color showing at the top. Modern two-tone leather seats are unexpected and make driving in this truck for more than a few minutes far more comfortable. A carbon-fiber aftermarket steering wheel and gauges add an interesting effect. Gray carpeting on the floors warms things up, while the roof has been painted to match the exterior.

Under the hood is a 350ci V8 with a 4bbl Holley carb and Weiand intake. The engine compartment has been painted like the exterior of the truck, pairing nicely with polished cylinder head covers, air cleaner cover, braided steel hoses, etc. A TH350 automatic transmission is also included.

While there are plenty of GMC C10s on the market, few come close to presenting as cleanly as this one. It’s a great way to celebrate a classic pickup truck, while also enjoying some nice modern comforts. If you want to grab this truck before it’s gone, contact Classic Auto Mall.