The Yenko name goes hand in hand with Bow Tie high-performance

Yenko has been a big name in the high-performance Chevrolet world for over 50 years. Don Yenko was a racer, and he realized that there was an untapped market for these muscle machines. Don found a way to offer engine packages and options to dealerships that weren’t available in standard production cars. His Yenko Chevrolet dealer became a leader for selling factory-built muscle cars that were modified by his team.

#5 – 1968 Yenko 427 Camaro

Top 5 Yenko High-Performance Chevys

Making the list at number five is this stunning Yenko 1968 Camaro 427 in Island Teal. Restored back in the 1990s, this car has basically been sitting ever since, so it is safe to say that this 450-horsepower beast is in fantastic shape.

#4 – 1967 Yenko 427 Camaro

Top 5 Yenko High-Performance Chevys

This beautiful blue 1967 Yenko Camaro is equipped with race suspension parts and a 427cui V8 in the engine bay, but it was made to be more of a highway cruiser than a drag strip dominator. Most people are familiar with Yenko Camaros stuffed with the 427cui race engine capable of 450-horsepower. However, Yenko offered an alternative 427cui V8 that made 410 horsepower and came equipped with a hydraulic camshaft for better street manners. The 12-bolt rear houses 3.08 gears, and it is shifted by an automatic transmission.


#3 – 1970 Yenko Duece Nova

Top 5 Yenko High-Performance Chevys

This 1970 Yenko Duece Nova is powered by an LT1 350cui V8 normally found in the Corvette and Camaro SS models. The engine was heavily modified and capable of 360 horsepower and 380 lb/ft of torque. In addition, it features a Hurst shifter connected to a four-speed transmission, 12-bolt rear with 4.10 gearing, an oversized front sway bar, and a rear sway bar. Added rumble and performance comes from a dual exhaust, and stopping power is provided by power disc brakes.

#2 – 1969 Yenko 427 Chevelle

Top 5 Yenko High-Performance Chevys

Don Yenko took 99 COPO Chevelles and transformed those into SYC Yenko supercars like this one. This is One of 12 painted in Garnet Red. Designed as a basic race machine, the base Malibu interior lacks power steering, air conditioning, and power windows. It features a 12-bolt rear axle with 4.10 gears. It is powered by a L72 427cui V8 rated at 425 horsepower and 460 ft/lb of torque, although some say it made even more at higher RPMs.

#1 – 1969 Yenko 427 Camaro

Top 5 Yenko High-Performance Chevys

Holding down the number one spot is this super rare 1969 Yenko 427 Camaro, just one of 10 Yenko Camaros painted Olympic Gold. With a high-performance 427cui V8 under the hood mated to a four-speed transmission, it made 450 horsepower and 460 ft/lb of torque. It also has a front sway bar, power disc brakes, a 12-bolt rear differential, and a 4.10 Posi-traction rear axle assembly among other things.

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