Take a leap and own ‘America’s most popular mid-size car.’

GR Auto Gallery is excited to announce this striking 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle for consideration as an addition to your garage. This particular Chevelle badged as a SS car is, from their determination, a Malibu Sports Coupe with a 396 cubic-inch V8 with 325 horsepower and manual transmission as the engine number is TO306JA. The trim tag states that this was a paint code 55 or Turquoise car. There are also several parts on the car trim wise that would make GR feel more comfortable saying that this example is a clone. Regardless of what you want to call it, this beauty would make a valuable and stunning addition to your collection.

1969 Chevrolet Chevelle In Hugger Orange Hugs Every Curve

This ’69 Chevrolet Chevelle ditched the blue paint for a gorgeous newer Hugger Orange exterior on top of a very solid and rust-free car. This model fires right up, runs well, sounds great, shifts through the gears as it should, and goes down the road straight and true. You will turn heads everywhere you go and be immersed in several gas station conversations with this looker. It also appears as though Baker Engineering in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area constructed a rebuild on this car in 1997; then, a freshening up was completed in 2013 at the tune of over $3,500 by Heiges Performance (a local shop). This is a lot of car for the money and impossible to duplicate at this price point. Speaking of expenses, the asking price on this Chevelle is currently set at $49,900 and you can make an offer on the car here.

Gallery: 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle In Hugger Orange Hugs Every Curve

Built for only thirteen years, the Chevrolet Chevelle certainly made its mark for General Motors as one of the brand’s best-selling vehicles. In fact, it was deemed as as “Americas most popular mid-size car” in 1969. Perhaps by today’s standards, the Chevelle is a large automobile; but during its time it was categorized as a mid-size car. The Chevelle was around during the intense and incredible Muscle Car Era and proved to be no slouch when it came the heavy hitters of the industry. The second-generation Chevelles were built from 1968 through 1972 and were all-new models for the year with a rounded body versus the square design of its predecessors. It also was the time when Chevrolet was producing some of the most powerful cars of the era.