Not only is the car rare, so is the paint.

Few things look quite as regal and overall spectacular as a classic Cadillac. A perfect example is this 1957 Cadillac Eldorado Seville. Thanks to a previous owner treating this ride well, it’s striking both from the exterior and interior. With only 2,100 of these cars made, finding one that has survived is difficult, but locating one in this kind of condition is like the needle in the haystack.

Gallery: Own A Beautiful 1957 Cadillac Eldorado Seville

This particular example features the even rarer and highly sought-after Bahama Blue paint, which has been polished to a wonderful shine. You’ll find the many chrome exterior trim pieces like the bumpers, headlight bezels, and window frames absolutely glisten. A white padded top matches the impeccable preservation of the exterior, while rare Sabre wheels with brand new radial white walls put the cherry on top.

Moving to the Blue and White two-tone interior, you’ll note that same excellent presentation as the exterior. The seats, controls, door panels, carpeting, and headliner look as if they’ve been barely used, which is simply amazing. You get the factory setup throughout, not aftermarket additions, so this ride is more like a beautiful rolling museum than just another car.

As a true luxury model, this Caddie comes with some nice amenities. The driver’s seat has power adjustments, plus there are power windows to let the breeze in without having to work for it.

The seller states this Eldorado Seville runs solidly and drives beautifully, with maintenance documents included. It uses a 365ci V8 and an automatic transmission for smooth power delivery, even when passing on the highway. That engine was more powerful than what you could get on other Cadillacs at the time, producing 325-horsepower.

You could say the Cadillac Eldorado model line enjoyed a solid run, considering it last 50 years from 1952 to 2002. This particular one launched the third generation, which only last two model years. Versus the second-gen cars, they featured a lower stance. The chance to own this classic is being offered by Hollywood Motors.