The Coyote never stands a chance against this machine.

When people think of American muscle car legends, something like this 1970 Plymouth Road Runner is common. It’s a no-frills performance machine with a good amount of swagger. After all, not many cars can successfully pull off not only being named after a cartoon bird, but having its likeness portrayed on it, and using a horn that sounds like said cartoon character.

Gallery: High-Quality 1970 Plymouth Road Runner Needs Driver

While there are some 1970 Road Runners on the market, this one is special. It’s been built by Van Gordon Racing, which is located in Upland California, and demonstrates impeccable quality. You’ll be hard-pressed to find another to rival this Mopar classic.

First off, that orange paint job is fantastic, giving a vibrancy and smoothness this caliber of muscle car deserves. Just like any proper muscle car, this one has white stripes right down the middle from nose to tail, plus hood pins. The tasteful amount of chrome on the exterior dresses things up just enough. The white seats and door panels, plus stock dash and steering wheel are just as immaculate.

While looks matter, it’s what you have under the hood that really counts. Fortunately, this Road Runner is using pure dynamite, or a 540ci Hemi V8 tuned to turn out an earth-shattering 735-horsepower. Oh yes, you will be smoking some serious rubber with this Plymouth. Among the upgrades are Stage V aluminum heads, Eagle Rods, JE pistons, Callies Crank, and Isky Cams. Giving you the ultimate in control is a 4-speed manual transmission with a Hurst pistol grip shifter. To handle all that power, there’s a Dana 60 3.73 posi in the rear. You’ll love popping the hood to see that setup, and everything is as clean as possible so it all shows fantastically.

If you wanted a budget-friendly American muscle car back in the late 1960s and early 1970s, the Plymouth Road Runner was one of the best options. Using the mid-size cars as a platform, Plymouth made them lightweight and simple. While many survived, thanks to their excellent build quality, this is one of the nicest you’ll ever see. You can buy this Road Runner through Classic Cars of Sarasota, if you’re so inclined.