This Camaro is the best from the factory, with upgrades to make it even better!

The iconic Camaro has always been a crowd please, and the fourth-generation variant of America’s favorite F-Body has started to prove itself to be a timeless favorite. Cars like this 1999 Camaro Z28 from Street Dreams have had an enormous popularity spike over the last few years, and this example makes it obvious why. Not only is this a clean 4th-gen with tons of factory options, the performance was taken a little further for even more smiles behind the wheel.

1999 Camaro Z28: A Show Car With High-Performance Upgrades1999 Camaro Z28: A Show Car With High-Performance Upgrades

Equipped with an LS1 from the factory, the 1998-2002 Camaros left the showroom floor as one of the most capable modern muscle cars of its time - and they even hold their weight against muscle cars made since. These mid 3000-pound cars were churning out horsepower in the low 300-horsepower range, and they were laying down 13-second quarter mile passes stock.

One thing fourth-generation F-Body owners quickly discovered was how responsive the LS engines are to any kind of modification. Getting a naturally aspirated engine to gain almost a horsepower from a heads/cam/bolt-ons upgrade is not uncommon. Unfortunately, what is uncommon is finding a modified 4th-gen you can trust. This is a car that doesn’t present those worries since it was professionally modified by Motorsports International.

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The list of modifications to the 5.7-liter V8 engine include a cam swap, MTI Stage II heads, K&N air intake, Z06 intake manifold, FLP long tube headers, and a Borla SS cat back that makes these Camaro sing in the key or performance. The 394 rear wheel horsepower engine is backed by a 4L60e transmission with Vigilante 3200 rpm torque converter.

Once the power hits the ground, it’s handled by Hotchkis sway bars, trailing arms, pan hard bar and the strut brace. It gets braking power from Power Slot rotors, and rolls on a set of BFG G-Force tires, which are wrapped around aluminum wheels.

The stock parts of this car are all equally impressive - the exterior and interior are in show car condition. This Camaro is truly the best of both worlds.