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While running for the first time in a full sprint-car schedule with the hopes of making the 1965 Indy 500 field, Mario Andretti set the fastest time at the 1964 Allentown Fair race with a 25.37 second lap around the half mile track. Even though he went on to lose the race to legends Jud Larson (first place) and A.J. Foyt (second place) despite starting off in the pole position, he was on track to becoming a legend himself. 

Andretti’s Legendary Lamborghini For Sale

As one of only two drivers to win races in Formula One, IndyCar, World Sportscar Championship and NASCAR, Mario Andretti has won some of the worlds most formidable races against the worlds best drivers. Likewise, he has owned some of the worlds best cars. Included in the list of some of the cars the Associated Press Driver of the Century award winner has supposably owned is a 1989 Anniversary Countach, a 1991 Diablo, a Murcielago, an Aventador, and a 1984 Countach 5000S. 

Motorcar Gallery has listed for sale a 1984 Lamorghini Countach previously owned by Mario Andretti for $499,000 with only 17,715 KM (roughly 11,008 miles) on the clock. The 371 HP carbureted 5L was recently overhauled to new car specs, all other mechanical issues have been addressed, and the original red exterior, tastefully embellished with Andretti’s logo, is in good condition. 

Andretti’s Legendary Lamborghini For Sale

“Mario had good taste when he picked the car. It is a 371 hp 5 liter 5000 S model. The early carburetored Countaches have a sound and feel that's missing in the later fuel injected versions. The red with tan combination is much more attractive than the Popsicle colors that were in vogue at the time,” Motorcar offered. 

Gallery: Andretti’s Legendary Lamborghini For Sale

The interior is also in the condition that it came from the factory. So this is a near perfect example of one of the 321 5000S Countachs built and the only one owned by Andretti, making it an ultra rare collectable with a legendary background. The only thing better than owning a super rare legendary Lamborghini, is owning a legends legendary Lamborghini. 

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