You can’t just get this muscle car from just anywhere.

The Pontiac Trans Am is a thing of legend, with a long production run and many successes. While many people know all about the car, few likely are even aware something like this 1996 Pontiac Trans Am WS6 prototype was ever produced. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill WS6, but instead it has some interesting features and a history that make it highly desirable.

Gallery: Prototype 1996 Pontiac Trans Am WS6 Is A Rare Treat

Just one look at this Trans Am and it’s apparent this thing is unique. The exterior certainly sticks out in a big way, but under closer inspection you’ll notice every detail is in outstanding condition. A red front end transitions into a white mid-section and rear, with some checkered graphics interspersed in the transition. Chrome wheels complete the setup. Inside is an all-original interior, including red leather seats, OE switchgear, and cargo area liners which look like they’ve hardly seen any action. You might find a few blemishes here and there on this car, but they’re small and often not very noticeable at all.

While everyone is going to be immediately drawn to the wild looks of this car’s exterior, what’s under the hood is far more impressive. Unlike what you’ll find in regular Trans Am WS6s, this one is packing an LT4 engine paired up with a 6-speed manual transmission, which are claimed to be numbers matching.

While the setup on this car is amazing and quite interesting for any enthusiast, the history is just as compelling. The seller claims it was the 22nd Pontiac Trans Am that was built for the 1996 model year, plus is the lowest VIN number that’s privately owned today. Documentation for this prototype is being offered with the vehicle. It was bought by the first and only owner directly from Pontiac Racing Division, hence the unusual setup. You can buy this rare prototype though Crown Concepts.