Modern-day Aston Martin drop tops too common for you? Check out this incredibly rare 1990 V8 Zagato Vantage Volante

Of all the models to leave the Aston Martin stable, the controversial V8 Zagato has the capacity to divide enthusiasts of the beloved British marque like no other. Launched in the mid-1980s with an incredible niche look, the grand tourer was based on the mechanics of the already successful Aston V8, with more than just a smattering of added crazy courtesy of Italian coachbuilder Zagato.

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Unlike the majority of Aston Martin models, the hand-formed bodywork was not graciously curved; instead, it was bold and angular with a squared-off grille and raised bonnet power bulge. Zagato had opted to construct the bodywork from aluminium to keep the weight down, but this is probably where most of common sense ended.

1990 Aston Martin V8

The restyling of the V8 served to bring together Aston Martin and Zagato for the first time in 25 years, and there were some similarities between the current effort and the DB4 GT that Zagato had re-worked the previous time around.

Just as with the DB4 GT, the V8 model’s dimensions were reduced by shortening the chassis, and the rear seats were removed. This gave both models more of an edge when it came to overall handling and agility.

1990 Aston Martin V8

When revised, the DB4 GT Zagato had also been blessed with aluminium bodywork. However, few other comparisons can be drawn between the two, as the radical styling cues of the V8 Zagato make it stand out from all Astons preceding it.

One aspect all V8 Zagatos share with the rest of the Aston family is generous performance and a simply intoxicating soundtrack. This could not be truer for this particular 1990 Zagato Volante convertible example. A total of just 37 were produced and only 6 in Vantage Zagato Volante specification.

1990 Aston Martin V8

A standard V8 Zagato delivers a generous 430bhp and a 0-60mph time of 4.8 seconds. Twin-choke 50mm Weber carburettors aid performance; they account for that much-debated bonnet bulge. With such performance, a standard V8 Zagato is clearly far more capable than a mere ‘looker’.

G909 CPL was first registered in 1990 and was part of the famous Hunter Green collection; a collection of nine V8 cars all built to the same specification Hunter Green with tan hide. Quite frankly, this was the coolest one-marque garage collection of them all.

1990 Aston Martin V8

The assortment comprised of a V8 saloon, V8 Vantage, V8 Volante, V8 Vantage Volante, V8 Vantage Volante PoW, V8 Vantage Zagato, V8 Zagato Volante, Lagonda and Virage. This unique collection was eventually sold at the 2005 Bonhams Aston Martin auction held at Newport Pagnell.

Displaying only 12,598 miles from new, this is a fantastic opportunity to purchase one of the rarest Aston Martins ever produced. Naturally, price is on application only. Get a closer look at the rare 1990 Aston Martin here

1990 Aston Martin V8