To say this classic is unique would most definitely be an understatement.

There are many ways to turn heads, but one of the more unique approaches is this 1932 Plymouth Model PB Sedan Delivery. It has that classic Plymouth look that made the brand popular with drivers in rural areas, plus an extra twist to get people talking everywhere you go. This classic, unique ride is being generously offered by AutoBarn Classic Cars.

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A custom maroon paint job makes this ride fun and completely different. Color graphics on the lower panels add a surprisingly modern aesthetic to an old ride, while the “Paddy Wagon” text with a cartoon image of a old wild west sheriff inject a playful tone. Overlaid on the rear window is a cartoon graphic of a man in a black-and-white striped jailbird suit, gripping some steel bars as if he’s locked up in the back of this Plymouth.

Thanks to a modern V8 engine, this classic car is blessed to be both reliable and powerful. A dual exhaust system provides the right growl on acceleration. With the electric fan, everything stays cool even during the ead heat of summer.

The interior features soft carpeting not only on the floors but also the door panels and the sides of the cargo area. A sumptuous wood steering wheel and dash have an immaculate sheen, so they both show extremely well. Original gauges, supportive seats, and the factory suicide doors make for one wild ride nobody will soon forget.

For the 1932 model year, Plymouth outfitted the PB with an upgraded “rigid X” frame construction that resulted in superior handling. Oil filters and centrifuse brake drums were made standard equipment. Not many of these cars were made back in the day, and surely no others which are still running look quite like this one, so you’re guaranteed to stand out at any gathering with this ride.