A frame-off restoration has resulted in a beautiful example of an American classic

Restoring a car is an incredibly time intensive and often costly process, however, if done correctly it can result in some real automotive works of art. Bringing a car back to factory condition via a complete frame-off restoration is one of the most impressive sights, something highlighted by this 1964 Chevrolet Impala SS being offered for sale by Lost and Found Classic Car Co.

Perfection is a near impossibility, but this Impala Super Sport sure comes close. After a complete frame-off restoration, this iconic America classic looks as fresh as it did when it left the showroom in 1964. Its pale yellow color scheme might not make it the most vibrant Impala, especially considering how many are customised, but the factory shade works will with its decorative chrome work. Appearing in near mint condition in its photographs, this Chevy has to be one of the best presented we’ve seen in a while.

The interior is just as immaculate as the exterior with its highly original nature being a big selling point for potential collectors. Black upholstery and chromed switchgear presents a premium space, while the in-dash tachometer of this SS highlights its performance oriented  underpinnings. The only non-functioning component is the original air conditioner, with power windows, steering, and brakes all in good working order.

Under the hood is a 327 cubic-inch V8 small-block engine producing an ample 300-horsepower. A four-speed manual transmission highlights this SS as the enthusiast’s choice. As you would expect of a completely restored car, the underside is spotless and has likely never looked so good since being brand-new.

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Lost and Found Classic Car Co claim that this car is ‘investment grade’ and from the pictures, we’d agree. They ship worldwide, so if you’re after a pristine American machine and have the required $38,950, give them a call.